Siren Call Crafts, about us.

I worked as a nurse for 40 years but always enjoyed doing different crafts in my spare time. I was forced to retire because of medical issues and found I really was unable to just sit around and do nothing. I remembered a few enamel projects I worked on in high school art class and did some internet research on enamel work. Suddenly a new world of metal smithing opened up to me, and I was hooked! I have never taken a formal class but I am proud of the many skills I have acquired via a myriad of resources. I will gradually share the ones I have found most useful as well as other resources in my blog.

My shop provides supplies needed for different facets of jewelry creation that may not be available to many because of the cost of the tools needed to produce them. All metal products are handmade by me. It will also feature as  some of the pieces that I have designed and made. Each piece is made individually and made to order.