Collection: Metal Stamping Blanks

Metal stamping blanks, perfect for your jewelry fabrication needs. These can be made in copper, aluminum, brass, nickel silver, or pewter. Come in various gauge because different metals and gauges ( thickness ) work differently for different projects. These are raw metal blanks that have been deburred and are ready for your unique creative ideas. I make these to order so it generally takes 3-4 days to a week to complete an order.

Metal gauges are inverse to metal thickness so 18 gauge will be much thicker and heavier than 24 gauge.

Some ideas for use of these blanks include metal stamping, enamel application, and soldering. These also work well for other projects such as scrapbooking and greeting card fabrication.

* these can also be done in 0.999 fine silver, prices will vary by weight and market price of silver. Contact us for a custom order.

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